Welcome to the world of electronics and software!

The fascinating world of microcontrollers


Amukh is a big world of electronics and software that aims to develop science and technology for the benefit of all people. Amukh is looking for the best, looking for the latest and looking for solving global challenges! Currently, Amukh’s field of activity is: microcontroller training, Python training, Arduino stm32, esp32, micropython, self-driving cars, programming training, artificial intelligence and Python and C languages.

Today, any big or small electronic idea can be implemented in a creative, intelligent and complete way! Microcontrollers are one of the main tools to implement these ideas, in fact, these processors are small controllers that offer many possibilities for running electronic systems.

Now what do we have in Amukh…?:

Setting up and training 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers based on the most reliable international sources along with presenting, implementing and testing a large number of sensors, modules and electronic board libraries.

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